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Want to travel to Russia and feel local here?

It is time to learn Russian language!

Start exploring Russian language with a native Russian teacher. Together we will:

✓ Learn most common words and phrases depending on your goals and interests

✓ Practice speaking, gradually bringing your skills to automatism

✓ Undestand grammar without getting stuck on theory

✓ Find out a lot of new things about Russian culture and everyday life

Lessons are held online via Zoom or Skype you can study everywhere you want.

✓ 1 lesson (60 minutes) €15

5 lessons €55 (€10.50 per lesson)

10 lessons €89 (€8.90 per lesson)

20 lessons €158 (€7.90 per lesson)

50 lessons €335 (€6.70 per lesson)

100 lessons €495 (€4.95 per lesson)